Make America White Again


One of the main issues people have with Donald Trump and his campaign as president of the United States is that it has scratched on a scab in this country that is far from healed. The photo featured in this article is from a recent rally supporting the presidential candidate. Some people find the photo funny and some find it offensive. I think its a bit disturbing. Its disturbing because the people who wore these shirts and the people around them find it acceptable. They are bold enough to show how they really feel because there is someone running for president that they identify with and who isn’t convincingly enough against racism that people feel it inappropriate to wear such shirts at a rally for his support. Trump isn’t convincing because of his delayed and unemotional response denouncing support from David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan.  Was America originally white? Where does the notion of white again come from? Is it because Donald Trump wants to deport millions of illegal immigrants and then build a wall to keep them out or do they want to Make American White Again by electing a white, male president to replace the first president of color, Barack Obama of this country? Does Make American White Again mean, get rid of the Black Lives Matter slogan because no one wants to hear about people of color’s issues with law enforcement? Does Make American White Again mean, continue to keep an Academy Award nominating committee that doesn’t diversify their Best Actor/Actress Nominations because they don’t watch films with people in leading roles from Black, Hispanic or Asian cultures?  Does Make American White Again mean to continue to create films about Egypt, its people and history whether historical or fictional with the lead roles of people of predominately European decent? There are plenty of countries around the world with mixed populations but I’ve never seen such a blatant display of division and offensive behavior as has become commonplace and in a way acceptable in these “United States” of America. I say acceptable because it continues to happen and people continue to allow it as if its non threatening to the well being of the United States as whole. Your thoughts and comments are welcome.


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