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Everyone has a social media hater, whether you are aware of it or not, they are always there, lurking on your page, looking for something to report to a family member or a mutual friend. They thrive off your failures and can’t wait for you to do something wrong even if its just you with a drink in your hand on a Saturday night, as if there is something wrong with that.  A social media hater will attempt to make it seem as though you living a quasi normal life is the worse thing you’ve ever done. Here are 5 signs that you may have a social media hater and the best way to deal with them:


1. You receive a call from your mother about a picture or post:

If your mother who has never had a social media account in her life calls you about a post she has seen on Facebook or Instagram, chances are, you have a social media hater. Your mother may try and attempt  to avoid the many questions you ask her about how she received this information about the post but the best remedy may just to be block anyone you may suspect may be spilling the beans on you and your posts because chances are, you have a hating ass family member/friend stuck in the 19th century who is too afraid to tell you how they really feel about you and your posts at Don Coqui….next.


2. You suddenly receive a call from a family member inquiring about who you are dating even though you haven’t heard from them in over a year:

Chances are if you receive a call or are asked multiple questions from a relative who otherwise is never in your business about who you are dating or where you have gone in the last year…… most likely you have a hater on your page who is giving out information about what you are doing to someone who they “think” is balsy enough to question you about your whereabouts. The best way to deal with these type of haters is to tell them exactly what they want to hear no matter how big the lie may be. If they think the best thing in their mind for your life is to be a big time lawyer and to stay away from men for the rest of your life, tell them that is exactly what you have done. It will make them happy because they think they are right and it will make you happy because you no longer have an idiot breathing down your back.

3. You inadvertently begin to receive Jesus saves propaganda in your inbox:

Please don’t take this the wrong way. If you believe Jesus is your savior and it makes you feel great on the inside, by all means, do you but if you have never considered going to church 8 times a week at an attempt to make you feel better about yourself because in fact you know who you are and are comfortable with that, then 9 times out of 10, you have a religious fanatic hater on your page sending you spam. The best way to deal…change your email address.

4. Losing followers on your Facebook or Instagram page:

If you suddenly start losing followers on your social media accounts, 99 percent of the time, those people, if you  know them personally, are haters. The best way to deal with these persons of hate is actually to admire them. They can’t stand your success so much that they just can’t watch. Its actually a compliment.

5. Having family members or “close” friends on your social media accounts that never like anything you post:

These my friends, are the ultimate haters. By far the most easiest to spot, they spy on you from their kid’s account, their own account and even a family member or friend account. These people watch everything you do but never like or dislike any of it but they see all of it. Just like everything they do. It will most likely confuse them into eventually supporting you.


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