BYOB Venues in NYC


Going out to eat in New York can be pricey especially considering the fact that alcohol makes up roughly 40 – 50% of your tab. In order to lure in customers, a few venues have introduced a BYOB policy which allows you to bring in your own bottle of whatever, as long as you follow their guidelines. Check out this list of venues where you and your friends can literally mix and mingle:

BYOB Venues in NYC:


Athena Mediterranean Cuisine No fee at this trendy spot in Park Slope.

Forcella For a small corkage free, customers are allowed to bring in wine or beer.

Ozu Japanese Cuisine & Lounge Bring in your own bottle of wine for a $15 corkage fee.

Oaxaca Taqueria This Mexican cuisine themed restaurant has several locations that allows you to BYOB.

Olive Vine Cafe  Enjoy beer and wine at no extra cost while feasting on Middle Eastern cuisine.


A Cafe Beer and wine here for no fee.

Afghanistan Kebab House With great reviews, you can’t go wrong bringing your own bottle of wine, liquor or beer here.

Akina Sushi  Beer, wine and liquor for no fee.

Alachi Masala  Enjoy Indian cuisine with beer, wine or liquor, no fee.

Bhatti Indian Grill  Beer and wine allowed, no extra charge.

Gazala’s No fee for beer, wine and liquor here.

Le Village Wine and Beer, no fee.

Peking Duck House Wine only, no fee.

Quintessesnce NYC Wine and beer, no fee.

Tartine Wine, beer or liquor at no additional cost.

Umi Nom  Bring beer and wine for no fee.

Wo Hop Wine only, no fee and they seem to never never close.


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