Get ready America! Stephen Colbert is coming for you this late night!




Well America, CBS has just announced “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” will premiere on Sept 8 of this year.


This comes after TV show host icon, David Letterman made public of his retirement on April of 2014 and will host his last show on May 20 ending a career of over 32 spectacle years, making wave for Colbert to bring his own version of madness to late night this fall.


Stephen Colbert, was the host of Comedy central’s, political correct “The Colbert Report” won people over with its humor, playing an ultra-conservative right winger delivering news and interviewing actors, politicians, musicians, and others had ended his run last December. On his final goodbye, he broke out of character and thanked his loyal audience that he had entertained for over nine years. Nine years of ridiculousness, humorous, and laugh out loud fun.


Much like his last show, there will guests; music, skits and maybe a talking donkey will show up. Who knows what surprises Mr. Colbert will have this fall. With a bigger budget and a larger audience to feed, New York City and American may not recover for it. And this may not be a bad thing.


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