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Out of nowhere DC comics have decided to make the “Suicide Squad” movie. Usually this type of movie is a low-budget film with mediocre villains. But what makes this movie interesting are the cast and the characters that are going to be in it. And surprisingly, Hollywood icon, Will Smith, will star in it.

“Suicide Squad” is based on a DC comic book where the U.S. government makes a deal with a group of imprison super villains and sends them on suicide missions in exchange for lesser sentences. Now if they happen to get caught or abandon the mission, a bomb that’s attached on their necks will explode.
Besides Will Smith, who will play the antihero Deadshot, an assassin for hire, Jai Courtney will play Boomerang, Cara Delevingne as Enchantress, Tom Hardy, infamous for playing, Bane, in “The Dark Knight Rises” will be Rick Flagg, and Margot Robbie will be playing fan favorite and the Joker’s girlfriend, Harley Quinn. And another surprise move is the return of the Joker played by Oscar-winning actor, Jared Leto.
Jared Leto haves some very big shoes to fill. Health Leger was phenomenal when he played the Joker in “The Dark Knight Returns” and won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. And don’t forget about Jack Nicholson who also starred as the clown prince of crime in 1989’s “Batman.” So far the Joker has been handled well and don’t be surprise if Leto gives another great performance.

Now rumor has it that, Oprah Winfrey, might grace her presence to play Amanda Waller, the commander and controller of the bombs. If they DC can get her, they’re going have the biggest blockbuster in the summer.
Just from looking at the amazing talent that’s going be in this project, it’s going to be one of the highly anticipated movies when it releases on August 5, 2016. Now, there are some questions that have to be asked such as: what will Batman’s role be in this movie? These villains all belong to the Batman universe and will they somehow play a role in the new Batman movie? Make sure to get your popcorn ready when this movie comes out because it’s going to be good.




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