Andre 3000 Will Turn His Jumpsuit slogans Into A T-Shirt Line


Andre 3000 Jumpsuit Fashion

Andre 3000 has always been the “weirdo” in Hip-Hop but he is one of the most influential artists ever. Recently Outkast finished their reunion tour and Andre had an interesting wardrobe for each show.  He wore jumpsuits with creative slogans written on them. Some of the Jumpsuits read “Children of the cornbread”, “Umm, you still on yo’ pyramid?”, “I’ve never had [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]”. The jumpsuits have grabbed so much attention students at Savannah College Of Art opened a free exhibit of all 47 of his jumpsuits in the SCAD Museum of art and the Art Basel Festival in Miami. Andre 3000 released the news to Hard Rock TV that he will turn those slogans into T-Shirts:

“It started off as one message and I kind of continued it from there… They’re just thoughts that I’m having…Since day one I would always draw out and design what I would wear on stage.”


Watch the full interview here:




Take a look at most of the jumpsuits he work for the Outkast reunion tour:




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