Tyler Perry Star Tasha Smith must stay 2 YARDS away from husband after threat allegations


Husband of Tasha Smith, a star on Tyler Perry’s comedy show “Why Did I Get Married,” might be asking himself that same question.

Keith Douglas, Smith’s hubby, has filed a restraining order against his wife for allegations threatening his life. Although the judge granted his request, the court order requires Smith, the current star of Tyler Perry’s “For Better or Worse,” to keep a distance of only two yards away from her husband while in their home, which they still share, and 100 yards when they leave the house. Time to take out the measuring tape.

Douglas made the claims that his wife threatened to kill him or to get someone else to hurt him, according to TMZ. She also allegedly warned Douglas to “not fall asleep or something will happen,” all occurring during her alcohol-fueled rages.

With such serious threats on the table, two yards and living under the same roof doesn’t come off as reassuring. According to a TMZ report, the judge wants to at least wait until a full hearing to consider ordering Smith out of the house. Until then, the small distance apart that she must obey needs to be sufficient enough to keep Douglas safe.

The couple married back in December 2010, three years after Smith’s first divorce, with a small ceremony in the living room of their home.

As for Smith’s side of the story, so far there has been no comment.   


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