Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger seen making out at USC football game — More than “best friends?”


Miley Cyrus got a little more than snuggly with her “friend,” Patrick Schwarzenegger. The two made a clear and attention-grabbing appearance at the USC vs. Berkeley football game on Thursday at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum.

Miley and Patrick were seen making out at the game, full PDA.  It’s unclear if he was texting or taking selfies, but Patrick seemed distracted by his phone mid-liplock.

Showing some spirit for Patrick’s school, Miley wore a Trojan hat and letterman jacket.

“They were very flirtatious and [looked]like a couple,” a source told E! News, adding that Miley “was talking to his friends too which was nice to see because she didn’t seem stuck up.” Another adding that the two were “very touchy” and held hands down the steps.

According to an E! News report, Miley and Patrick, both 21, have simply been casually dating for a few weeks and the two “are not officially together.”

From the looks of it, the duo is more than comfortable letting the world know they are a couple, or soon to be one.

The night before the game, Miley was stressing over what to wear to meet Patrick’s mom, Maria Shriver, a big step for the singer who wanted to make a positive impression on his conservative family while still staying true to herself.

Miley also accompanied Patrick and about 15 friends Friday, November 7 at Bagatelle restaurant in West Hollywood for a birthday party. “They were definitely affectionate, holding hands, taking photos together and clearly into each other all night,” said a source of E! News.

Maybe it’s been a long time coming for the “best friends.” Back in 2011, Patrick told Details magazine, “My eye, though, is set on Miley.”

For a pair of best friends who claim to be just that, Miley and Patrick have been spending a lot of time together in a more-than-friends kind of way.




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