Black Friday!!!


black friday


“Run for your lives! That 52inch plasma is 80% off and there’s only 10 left in stock! Push anybody in your way and go grab one!”

That is one of the lines that you’ll hear on Black Friday. A day when all retail stores sell merchandise at the cheapest prices that

you can find! Like the Black Death, Black Friday is known for the death of a couple of people. When there is something that you

want and it’s stinking cheap, may God have mercy on their souls if anyone gets in your way. The Savage inside of you takes over

when you see a microwave half-off or the new video game system. Remember those popular Elmo dolls? Don’t be surprise if

someone got their ear ripped off or got killed for that toy to get one.


So here are some tips that should help you.

  • Like a great general, you have to plan before you go to war. So instead of fighting some people and losing an arm or a leg, know what places that you want to go to first.
  • Make sure the item that you want is on stock and the store has a large supply of it.
  • Bring friends or family members that will help you. Lone wolves usually get killed because they have no one watching their backs.
  • If possible, have an inside man. You know someone inside the store and they can save the item for you. If you don’t know anyone, then a little “bribery” works wonders.
  • Get there early! Wear warm clothes, food to eat, and bring something to entertain you and wait outside in the freezing cold!
  • If you have no one to go with you, then find someone that will. Go to Craigslist or create a meetup post telling anyone that wants to join you.
  • Go to the store before Black Friday and get a lay-out of the place. Plan a route that will get you to your item as quickly as possible.
  • Don’t show mercy there! It’s survival of the fittest and no one will be thinking of you!
  • If you can’t get what you want, then wait for Cyber Monday. Sometimes you can find better deals on Amazon or any other websites.
  • Wear a football helmet!


Hopefully these tips will help you. Here’s a list of all the deals on Black Friday Study them well.

So enjoy your Thanksgiving meal rest up, eat well, and plan accordingly solider, for you’re going to a grand battle. A battle for

great deals!


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