90’s Hip Hop & R&B Music Fans Can Show Off In A New Way


90’s Hip Hop Fashion!

The 90’s and early 2000’s were an awesome time for music. It was futuristic and reminiscent at the same time. People were buying albums and supporting the artist which you don’t see too often these days. We often have many memories associated to different artists and their work, and Kinship a rising clothing company, has found a way to help bring back the memory.


Kinship has designed some new jackets that include themes such as Bad Boy, Dipset, Cash Money, 90’s Girl, and 90’s Hip Hop. Take a Look at these Classic Bomber Style Jackets with the Kinship twitst:


IMG_2010 kinship-bad-boy-diddy-bomber-jacket-2 Cash-Money-Bomber-Kinship-cashedout-1 The-Bomb-90s-kinship-kinshipshop-album-jacket-bomber-1


Prices start at $200. Check Out Kinship’s Website For More!


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