Jaden Smith Drops ‘Melancholy’


Jaden Smith releases new Single

Jaden Smith has dropped an unexpected but intriguing track called 'Melancholy'. The 16 year old actor and singer recently released audio for a new song he completed using Pink Floyd's 'Breathe' circa 1973. Jaden Smith has been dropping experimental music over the past few years, also getting featured in songs with Childish Gambino, Justin Bieber and his brother Trey Smith or AcE. This song makes some sense of his very opinionated twitter page referencing his best friends Mateo and Moises Arias and their clothing brand Msfts. Smith's voice is maturing as he sounds older than anything he has released. His lyrics are deep for a sixteen year old; addressing haters who claim his dad's fame is his only reason for success. Smith is just starting up in his music career with some shows in California and an album coming out later this year. 


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