Comic Con Invades New York!


Come one; come all to the greatest show on Earth! And no, I’m not talking about the circus. It’s that time of year when freaks, ghouls, and Pokémon walk the streets of NY. Ladies and gentleman, welcome, to Comic Con! Where you can explore your zombie fetishes and let loose your inner super villain.

 It’s a place where fans of comic books, anime, movies, video games, and TV shows go to live out their fantasies, meet celebrates, and hear the latest entertainment news. Fans are able to buy merchandise such as clothes, comics, toys, and samurai swords. What makes the event stand out the most is that it’s Halloween on steroids. And when going to Comic Con, be sure to avoid the hairy old man dressed as Wonder Woman.


What makes Comic Con so special are the Cosplayers. They dress up as their favorite characters from comics, video games, and anime.  And some of the costumes range from sexy villainess to towering robots!

So if you’re into seeing some pretty freaky and inventive costumes, enjoy meeting new people that are just as crazy as you are, and love posing for pictures, check out Comic Con. And when you do come, bring your family or friends. The more, the merrier. Comic Con will be in the Jacob Javits Convention center from October 9-12. ImLIt will be there taking pictures and creating mischief!


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