Lily Allen dresses as Dr. Luke and Katy Perry as a life-size Cheeto


Lily Allen rocked scrubs, showing off a little midriff, at Kate Hudson’s annual Halloween bash Thursday night. Up close, the costume changes from cute, simple doctor to a wearable lawsuit case.

The nametag read “Dr. Luke Gynecology Dept,” a clear stab at Dr. Luke currently in the heat for allegedly assaulting Kesha.

Earlier this month, Kesha filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke, her music producer of ten years, according to TMZ. The pop singer accused Dr. Luke of sexual, verbal, physical and emotional abuse in the years they have been working together, claiming he would use drugs and alcohol as a way to make sexual advances on her. Of these claims included a time when Kesha said Dr. Luke forced her to snort drugs on a plane and then forced himself on her while she was intoxicated.

With the accusations and lawsuit still fresh, maybe it was too soon for this ‘humor’ on the touchy subject.

Regardless, nice use of innovation and originality, Lily Allen. And way to support your friend.

On a lighter note, I bet you've never seen a life-size Cheeto. Katy Perry attended the Halloween party covered in orange, with a Cheetos handbag.



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