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I, Vegeta_NYC, Prince of all Saiyans and lover of all things that go boom, decided to write an article of my time in Comic Con over the weekend. And the fine folks at ImLit are giving me a chance to do it. And when I mean “giving” its code for taking! It’s amazing the things that you can do when you threaten to shoot an energy blast down someone’s throat.

  IMG_20141010_152146 When I first entered, I thought it was odd that some humans dressed up. I, of course, pointed and laughed at them. And for some strange reason every girl I met thought I was cute. Let me ask you this; do I look adorable to you?


IMG_20141011_151611 I was lucky to run into DMC promoting his new comic, "DMC." Now I’ve heard of Run-DMC on my planet. I will admit that I don’t like sucker M.C’s too.


IMG_20141010_155557 This human calls himself Heisenberg and he said that he has a good deal for me. I told him if it’s not over 9000 then I’m not interested!

IMG_20141011_163151 The guy said that he’s from a show called, Cowboy Bebop. The very pretty girl (yes, Saiyans are attracted to human girls too) said that she’s from Ninja Turtles. What’s a ninja turtle and can you eat it?

  IMG_20141010_182353 Besides all the costumes, there are special screening and events where you can hear the lastest news. Here I am showing off my muscles while listening.

  IMG_20141010_155015 Finally here's some artwork of my awesomeness.Yes, I know, I look intimidating, and I’m very glad that you’re afraid of me. You must also be wondering why I can’t move my arms. Well tiny human, that’s because my muscles are too big. One flex and I can destroy planets! So I keep them tucked in, for your safety of course.

   I saw some odd things at Comic Con, but I did have a blast. And cannot wait for next year to meet more interesting people. Follow me on Instagram at Vegeta_NYC if you want to see me do Super Saiyan stuff. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a planet to conquer! But right after lunch, I do get hungry. NYCC 2014


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