Amanda Bynes Tweets Serious Accusations


Amanda Bynes is back at it again. Bynes disappeared from the social media world during May after heading to psychiatric hold. Recently she was released and given access to her social accounts and wasted no time letting her fans know. She accused her father of sexual abuse as well as her mother for not taking any action. She tweeted a series of posts all confessed her alleged abuse, "he called me ugly as a child then asked me if I wanted to have sex with him…my dad fondled  himself in front of me." These tweets were later deleted as she complained about the paparazzi catching 'ugly' photos of her, thus her feeling the need to be prettier. She then tweeted that her father didn't actually do any of these things and blamed it on a microchip in her brain, "my dad never did any of those things The microchip in my brain made my say those things but he's the one who ordered them to microchip me." Unfortunately it seems like her time away didn't do much good. Once she landed in LAX she was put under another psychiatric hold and charged with a 5051 to be treated in Pasadena. 


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