David Alan Grier Stops by Tasty Tuesdays


Looking for something to do Tuesday nights in Brooklyn? Check out Tasty Tuesdays. Every week, comedians take the stage at Elberta Restaurant in Brooklyn and provide comic relief to those looking for an early break from the work week. Hosted and created by comedian, Drew Fraser, this showcase always features some of the most well known names in the comedy world. Last week, actor and comedian David Alan Grier, best known as a cast member of the hit comedy series In Living Color, took the stage and had the audience in stitches as he poked fun at President Obama, Hillary Clinton and members of the audience such as Angie, who was serenaded on stage by the comedian. I had a chance to briefly chat with David who mentioned he was working on some new projects that he couldn't announce just yet but promised he had something great coming up. David also mentioned that he was in New York to also perform at Caroline's on Broadway. 

Last week, Tasty Tuesdays also featured other comedians such as DC Benny of Last Comic Standing and Kool Bubba Ice from BET's Comic View. This Tuesday, don't miss TK Kirkland of Def Comendy Jam. Doors Open at 9:00pm. 

Tasty Tuesdays photos by Morgan G. Long

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