The Modern Day Gatsby Celebration


Vintage New York City Magazine held a Gatsby party at BeConcept on Saturday, September 6th. The event was hosted by their beautiful Summer 2014 cover model Zuri McDaniels who is also the wife of Darryl "DMC" McDaniels of Run DMC. The event dazzled as guests arrived decked out on their modern day approaches to the Gatsby era of the 1920s. The outfits and hairstyles were definitely well thought out but what makes an outfit stand out the most at times can be the accessories. Vintage Magazine founder Amelia Meloni and Zuri wore pearls by Mina D. Jewelry. Mina D. Jewelry designer, Mina Deutsch was also in attendance and looked stunning her gown decorated with her own accessory designs. Mina creates pieces that are unique because she belives jewelry should be one of a kind. and "as unique as the woman who wears them." Detectables and cocktails were served throughout the evening as people chatted and listened to music played by DJ Poison Ivy. Zuri looked stunning in her red gown and posed all evening on the red carpet for the photographers as guests came over to take pictures with her. Darryl "DMC" McDaniels was also in attendance and mixed and mingled among the crowd. Amelia Meloni certainly did a great job making sure her guests were well taken care of. I don't think I saw her sit once!

The Modern Day Gatsby Celebration also raised money for The Felix OrganizationFounded in 2006 by Darryl "DMC" McDaniels and Emmy award winning casting director, Sheila Jaffe, this charitable organization works to enrich the lives of children growing up in foster care. Both McDaniels and Jaffe were both adopted and wanted to use their resources to provide these children with inspiring opportunities. Camp Felix, located in Putnam Valley, NY is an overnight camp designed to meet the unique needs of foster children. This past summer, the organization reached a milestone by sending their 1000th child. 

The Modern Day Gatsby Celebration photos by Morgan G. Long 


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