Wardrobe Malfunctions


The MTV Video Music Awards had a lot of memorable moments. Beyonce's performance and being presented the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award by her husband and daughter was one of the highlights of the night. Another unforgettable moment was when Nicki Minaj had to change her outfit between performances and didn't have enough time to zip up her little black dress. Nicki didn't seem phased by the mishap, yelling to reporters that she had a wardrobe malfunction. Reports state that Nicki had issues with the dress during rehearsals but decided to wear it anyway. Malfunction are not she still looked stunning. Nicki Minaj joins a long line of celebrity outfit mishaps. Here are some of the most memorable wardrobe malefactions in history.


Janet Jackson's Super Bowl XXXVIII Performance

Janet Jackson

Its hard to believe its been ten years since Nipplegate. The controversial half time show where Justin Timberlake ripped of part of Janet Jackson's outfit exposing a star covered nipple seemed far from an accident. Although it was labeled a wardrobe malfunction, the move seemed intentional. Viacom had to pay out $3.5 million due to indecency complaints and CBS was fined $550,000 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The fine was eventually beat but the backlash against Janet Jackson was brutal. Some criticized the blacklisting of Jackson and not Timberlake. Jackson's music and videos were banned from being broadcasted but Timberlake fame grew and his career was unaffected by the event.  Jackson still remains blacklisted from the Super Bowl.


2. Tara Reid's Nip Slip


Tara Reid

Tara Reid appeared clueless as one of her boobs broke free during Diddy's 35th  birthday bash in 2004. The paparazzi took a whole 10 seconds worth of shots before someone told Reid her strap had broken. 


3. Jennifer Lawrence Splits at the SAG Awards

Jennifer Lawrence

When Jennifer Lawrence went to accept her SAG Award for Silver Lining Playbook in 2013, the audience was horrified as she stumbled her way on stage with a huge rip in her dress. According to the designer of this dress, Raf Simmons, this split in the middle of the dress was intentional stating it had different levels of satin and tule. Claiming "The rip was not a mistake!"… Right. 


Paris Hilton's Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Paris Hilton

When it comes to Paris Hilton, we never know what to expect. At her 33rd birthday party in February, Hilton was caught posing on the red carpet pantiless, showing off a part of her birthday suit. She seemed not to care that her high split would reveal more than her leg. Maybe Paris was just "So Hot." 


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