Twitter Demands Equality for Michael Brown


Twitter Demands Equality for Michael Brown

Police violence has been a hot topic in the recent months. A pregnant woman was put in a chokehold, a man died from suffocation caused by a chokehold, and now 18 year old Michael Brown has been shot dead. With all the violence going on in the world one would hope America would be safe.

Following the shooting a riot broke out here police utilized rubber bullets, dogs, and brutal force against the people. Again social media is being used to spread the need for equality. Actress Keke Palmer expressed her outrage and passion for equality via twitter, “Why do we hate each other, harm each other, kill each other? We are brothers & sisters ya’ll. All colors! Peace is the answer.”

Peace is something everyone wants, yet we still have to achieve it. Anita Baker also exposed her desire for peace saying, “Thy Kingdom Come. Why will BE DONE. #MikeBrown.” Using social media people of all races are trying to push the idea of progression, the violence is bringing out opinions that most thought were left in the past. David Banner also stated the very real issue of racism, “Black men have to watch what color we wear, what hood we are in, the cops, whites and black, no hoodie, no white tee, no loud radios damn!”

imageStereotyping against minorities has gone down, however from random searches and quick police aggression we still have these issues happening every day across the nation. Masses of people are gathering for a memorial and movements for change much like the Trayvon Martin case in 2012. Hopefully we will come to a day where situations like these will no longer bring the need for social outrage.


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