Suite Life Stars Engage Camera Duels


Dylan and Cole Sprouse are two of the young celebrities who have slowly made their way out of the limelight. Now attending NYU and living ‘normal’ lives, the Sprouse twins deal with their fame in hilarious ways. Seeing a celebrity can be an exciting moment for common folk, so documenting the moment can be very important. Some try to be sly and catch photos unnoticed, but Cole has turned this into a game. His instagram account can be found as camera_duels where he has started the photo snapping into a game. Whenever he notices a fan trying to capture him unnoticed he quickly whips out his own phone to retaliate. Cole then posts these photos to his account with hilarious stories to make them all the more entertaining. His most recent win was while boarding a plane and watching a fan in the act, "Not but 30 seconds after arriving on the plane, a quick glance to my right revealed this seafoam sapiens breathing heavily and scrambling for her phone. Little lady must've thought, just because her phone matched her shirt, that I wouldn't detect her desperate photos. Firstly, my vision is based on fear, and I saw you right away. Second, nay. The victim: @tater_tots15 claimed it was a "tie.” Going out into the open, such as on the subways your bound to run fans, but both the twins make it all a fun game, still having fun just like their character from their old show 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody'. How embarassing it must me to be called out by a celebrity," Who would have thought, the mother with child, would have prioritized taking our picture over steadying her baby's carriage on a moving train? I did. I would have thought. Firstly, her child is too young for The Street Life of Shaq and Kobe, so we all know she was taking that picture for herself. Unless of course she was making a long term investment, banking on the baby enjoying the show when #it grows up." Living in a world where most people know your face can be invasive, yet this star is having the best time dealing with his limelight.


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