Serial Killing and Singing, Dark Passenger the Musical


For eight bloodthirsty seasons fans have followed Dexter Morgan in the Showtime series Dexter, enjoying every kill right with the psychopath himself. So it wasn’t surprising when the world’s favorite killer left the screen with a less than satisfying exit. In just a few months you can relive the series through the musically hilarious show Dark Passenger the Musical, the Unauthorized Musical Parody of Dexter. This past week the Times Square Art Studio, which also hosts the '50 Shades! of Grey: The Musical', hosted the first reading of the musical in production, successfully entertaining fans and newbies. Feeling the very same rage and dissatisfaction, director Gene Fisch Jr., lyricist, producer and lead role Joe Schermann, bookwriter Erika Jenko and producer Cooper Jordan were inspired to create a musical parody both making fun of the wretched ending as well as paying respect to the much loved series. The creative team were all diehard fans and really wanted to portray that through their work; Jordan shared his experience on the process, “We worked on this for ten months, and spent three months writing it.” They take a hilariously unique view on the series and characters, blending two fictional stories into one. Schermann portrays an egotistical Michael C. Hall, who plays Dexter in the series.  He iimagess stuck in an egotistical obsession with creating an ending worthy of his character, sucking himself and the rest of his 'Showtime Executives’ into a deep trap of method acting. Those who have dedicatedly followed the show will be laughing endlessly as beloved characters such as Deb, Officer Doakes, Brian and Lumen sing along to satirical songs reflecting their character flaws and triumphs. Dexter sings about his messy, f**cked up job in 'It's a Dirty Job," , Rita sings her love song ‘What a Guy’, and even the Trinity Killer has his own solo about being "Family Man". The dark comedy takes on another form adding music and jokes to an already amazing story. Fans will follow every ‘inside’ joke, as for those who haven’t seen the series, the jokes and songs are just as contagiously entertaining. Look out for the up and coming musical Dark Passenger the Musical, The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Dexter. 


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