Nicki Minaj is Exposed and Proud


Nicki Minaj, Making Waves

Nicki Minaj's rear end is getting everyone's panties in a bunch, again. Minaj released a promo photo for her single 'Anaconda' on Instagram showing her entire bottom, with only a stringy thong to cover anything. She quickly received all sorts of different backlash. Chuck Creekmur, the owner of wrote a public letter to Nicki questioning her actions, "Is this the path you want to lead impressionable kids down?…How will boys, already conditioned to sexualize girls at a young age, internalize this big booty of yours?” Responding defensively and progressively Minaj posted multiple photos of 'white women' exposing just as much or more of their body as she did. Minaj tagged them as "Acceptable" and "Angelic. Acceptable. Lol". Without having to defend herself Nicki Minaj is exposing the double standard society has put on female sexuality verbally and physically. 


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