Michael Brown Shooting Gets Anonymous’ Attention


Michael Brown, 18, Shot by Policemen in Ferguson, Missouri

In what seems to be a wave of Police brutality, 18 y.o. Michael Brown was shot multiple times by the local police force on Saturday, August 9th. The worst part of the whole ordeal is that Brown was unarmed, and witnesses claim that he had his hands in the air. Allegedly, the incident took place because Brown had assaulted the officer, and in a physical confrontation, said officer shot and killed Brown. The local populous of Ferguson took to the streets, protesting the violence.

In the Midst of this news, hacktivist group Anonymous has posted a video on YouTube declaring that they are taking a stand against this crime. In the video, the hacktivist group says "Anonymous demands that the Congressional Representatives and Senators from Missouri introduce legislation entitled 'Mike Brown's Law,' that will set strict national standards for police conduct and misbehavior in the USA."

This, in the wake of NYC Police's choke-hold incident, has sparked nation wide conversation on the regulations that control officers in the field.

Watch Anonymous' video below:



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