Above the Law?


Are some United States citizens considered to be "Above the Law" while others must feel the full brunt of our country's legal system? With the recent autopsy findings of the causes of Eric Garner and Michael Brown's death, many people are asking, why haven't the people responsible been arrested yet? If a civilian committed these acts, both would be labeled as a homicide and the person responsible would have been indicted by now.  Are they somehow given a pass because they are police officers or is there a waiver we as U.S. citizens aren't aware of that indicate people in the line of duty need not be held responsible for their actions because it was a "mistake." We must ask ourselves, should we live in fear of these mistakes? Being a police officer is a stressful job, they deal with crime every day, their judgment may not always be the best because we are all human beings and liable to make mistakes but in the case of Eric Garner, we can clearly see by watching the video that he was not being aggressive toward the police officers. Does selling a loosie (a single cigarette) warrant a choke hold? According to witnesses, Michael Brown was unarmed with his hands up in the air but was shot 6 times, twice in the face. Was this necessary? The National Guard has now been called into Ferguson, Missouri due to civil unrest because the people feel justice isn't being served. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber who was pulled over January in Miami for underage drinking and reckless driving and was uncooperative with the police officers, failing the field sobriety test was only  given a slap on the wrist, told to pay a $50,000 to a charitable organization (a drop in the bucket for him) and take a 12 hour anger management course. In his agreement with prosecutors, his drunken driver charges would be dropped as long as he pleaded guilty to "careless driving" and resisting arrest. Careless driving meaning speed racing at 60 mph in a 30 mph zone through a residential neighborhood in a  Lamborghini. Bieber didn't have to appear in court but his lawyers were given a lecture by Judge William Altfield that he hoped would be passed on to the pop star about being a better role model for his young fans. A role model? I guess the judge forgot about that time in January, Bieber was charged with assault for hitting his limousine driver in Toronto. He must have also been unaware of the other vandalism charges the star has faced this year not to mention the time Georgia police officers found marijuana and drug paraphernalia in his limousine in February. No arrest was made because the police deemed the amount "too small." It's ok though, he can get a pass. We completely understand, he's rich and famous. 


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