J.K. Rowling is The Good Witch


It's been a few years since the world's favorite wizard Harry Potter left the silver screen. However the genius who created the entire magical phenomenon is still using good magic to make the world a better place.  J.K. Rowling continues to use the magic of her words and story to bring comfort to her fans. In a recent shooting in Texas ,15 year old Cassidy Stay survived after being shot and playing dead. She lost her parents and four siblings much like her hero Harry Potter. Responding in Dumbledore's famous voice JK Rowling sent a hand written letter "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." Bringing tears of mourning and happiness the young girl truly magical. In the past Rowling has shown other major acts of philanthropy. She inspired Evanna Lynch who suffered from anorexia to keep going. After surviving, she was given a part in the beloved Potter series as Luna Lovegood. Rowling also knocked herself of off the Forbes billionaire's list by donating around $160 million, stated by Forbes, of her wealth to various organizations. Coming from a place of poverty and struggle Rowling personally identifies with the struggles people are facing around the world. Now that she's achieved success, she's spreading good magic around the world with more than words. 


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