Inside Miley’s Instagram World


MIley's Instagram World

Since the demise of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus has completely recreated herself. Going into her instagram you can see how the weed toking, nip showing, party loving girl lives almost every day. Consonantly updating her fans with photos of her love for her dog family, her creative gifts for family and friends, and span of parties Miley invites you into her very personal life. Miley has made her little pups famous by posting all about her love for them. Emu, Ziggy, Happy, Mary Jane, Penny Lane and Bean all make appearances often being showered in love. The star advocates love for pets and tells everyone else to do the same, "let your pups play and get dirty, giving them a bath is so cute & fun #dirtyhippiedogs." Alongside her dogs you will find very eccentric creations from items that look like Miley robbed a preschool's craft cabinet. Using neon beads, braids, stickers and other toys Miley has been creating gifts and accessories for everyone around her, "made dis for my big bro #skateboardp ain't done yet (made from hippie rainbow strang, Chanel fabric & buttons, space puffs, happy faces flowers & love)." Some of her 'masterpieces' mention that she's finding most of her inspiration from being very lit. Perhaps some of these craft sessions were held during some of her party days. Miley posts every party from backyard celebrations, to clubbing with her mother. Miley hasn't stopped partying in the USA one bit, "sleepy baby & wukong #whitetrashrager." Some hate the new Miley, others love her wild side. Either way it doesn't look like she'll be stopping anytime soon. 


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