Chokehold Cop Not a First Time Offender


Danny Pantaleo aka Chokehold Cop

According to the New York Daily News, Officer Danny Pantaleo who placed Eric Garner in an illegal chokehold on Staten Island in July  resulting in Garner's death (now determined to be a homicide), has been in trouble before. Turns out the "chokehold cop" was investigated in the past. Two years ago, Tommy Rice, 43, was falsely arrested by Pantaleo and said he was "shocked and disappointed that the cop was let back on the streets."  Rice was one of four men stopped in a car by Officer Pantaleo and another officer on March 22, 2012 just one mile from where the Eric Garner incident occurred. According to a civil rights lawsuit filed by Rice and his friend Darren Collins, Pantaleo falsely arrested them and strip searched them in public, pulling down their pants slapping and exposing their genitals while he searched for drugs. Rice stated that he went to Internal Affairs two years ago and nothing was done to Pantaleo. The City of New York settled Rice's lawsuit for $30,000. Rice stated he was stunned when he saw the tape of Pantaleo putting Eric Garner in a chokehold, not understadning why this cop was still on duty.  More and more tapes of police officers treating civilians unjustly have been surfacing on social media since the Eric Garner incident. Many believe that the only way to stop officers from mishandling situations is to record them. It appears as though just filing a law suit with the city has not been enough to get people like Pantaleo off the streets. 


Tommy Rice Pictured in the Center





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