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The majority of fans that attend Broadway intend to just watch the most popular shows such as The Lion King, The Book of Mormon, Jerseys Boys, etc. You probably didn't hear, but there is great musical shows that have taken over the other Broadway plays. This outstanding musical play is no other than "Chicago". 

Chicago is based on the roaring 1920s hot jazz. The show describes the story of two enemies that are serious murderers; as a result they are in the Cook Jail. Velma, who's the star of a nightclub, is in jail because she murdered her sister and husband, after she found them in bed. Roxie's been thrown into jail for knocking off the mate she's been undermining her spouse with. During the play, there will be some scenery and costumes with one large musical band one after another. Also during the play there will be some unexpectedly gun shots and many other actions. Although Chicago is a great show, I must tell you that during the show there will be some hot topics such as murder, violence and adultery, as well as some off-color dialogue.

Chicago is amazing play that let's the audience experience how life was during the 1920s and 1930s in the United States of America. Join one of the most popular and successful Broadway shows "Chicago" and purchase one or more ticket(s). 

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