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Wow, what a 2014 summer it has been in New York so far. But it ain't over yet! You have been part of so many celebrations, that you might be getting exhausted. So come alive once again, and enjoy your life because you have no idea of what will come of tomorrow. Remember we only live once, so take advantage of every second you own. Many others don't have the privilege that you possess. Come on out with your family and friends and connect with others as they have a nice meal in any of the two Malecon restaurants.

Both of the Malecon restaurants provide their clients with fresh Caribbean food such as fried whole and half chicken, fried boneless or with bones chicken chunks and other type of meat, with different type of rice, salad, hot and cold beverages, seafood, desserts, etc. that are base on home recipes and at an affordable price for you and your members. Both Malecon restaurants provide their customers with a variety of meals and deliver their best services to their clients. Their team works hard to keep you and the rest of their clients satisfy, not only to return but also to share their experience. So once again come out any day of the week and have a nice time with great Spanish American food in any of the Malecon restaurants.
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