JLo Or JNo? Jen’s On The Downlow


Forty five and fabulous? Or going fab to drab? Jennifer Lopez was looking hot as ever in a two piece white bralet and skirt; there's no denying she's still turning heads. Known for throwing lavish parties, Jennifer is turning down. Celebrating her birthday in Southampton at Nammos she was using D-List promoters as her hosts for a low budget party. JLo's parties have lost some of the glamour she radiates. Where's the eccentric, exciting queen of pop we all know and love? I was disappointed by the lack of glitz and glamour I had expected. Security was tight, the rooms were empty and felt more like a kickback than a party. A few stragglers were seen to be dancing to generic radio music, but the BDay girl herself was just seen socializing. Even the paparrazzi and the press did not show any interest in the celebrity celebration. The lowkey party was more like Jenny from the block than JLo from the throne. Perhaps she just wanted something simple. If so, that's exactly what she got. We hope the party isn't turned down for good. Happy Birthday Jennifer and stay fabulous!


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