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The Entrepreneurs and Professionals Network , Inc. (EPN) was founded in February 2010 by husband and wife power couple Hubert and Maggie Delany. Headquartered in New York City, EPN's main goal is to connect, empower and inspire entrepreneurship and leadership worldwide. The Entrepreneurs and Professionals Network has held several events in the tri-state area that has brought people together from diverse backgrounds, enabling people to build new relationships, partnerships and foster professional growth. The members of EPN are a strong unit and also know the importance of empowering the community through giving back. They have held several fundraising events for various charities such as Toys for Tots and causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness over the years. 

I had the opportunity to attend one of their social events earlier this month. The EPN VIP Cruise Extravaganza was held on July 2nd on the Cornucopia Destiny Yacht which left from the East River of Manhattan headed south towards the Statue of LIberty and Hudson River. On the day of the event, New York was experiencing torrential downpours but that didn't stop the EPN members from making it to the party. Maggie Delany was in contact with all her guests and made sure everyone was on board before departing. Throughout the evening, the Steve Marshall Band played on one level while DJ Alex kept the party going on deck under a lightning filled sky. The rain didn't deter anyone from having a great time, enjoying great food and good company. 

In 2010, Maggie Delany founded the Oceanie Club, a Yacht and Sailing Club which she created out of her love for adventure and sailing with others who share her passion. Through the Oceanie Club, Maggie works with underprivileged children in New York, teaching  them sailing skills in order to provide them with an outlet and keep them on a positive track, enabling them to deal with peer pressure. Maggie would also love to see more women participating in sailing which has been mostly a male dominated activity. Maggie created the Women's Entrepreneurs and Professionals Network (WEPN) where she focuses on empowering women. In mid August, she plans to have fun filled retreat day for WEPN on the water with life coaches, a masseuse and great food. To find out more about EPN and their events, join their mailing list by visiting their website: Entrepreneurs and Professionals Network 


The EPN VIP Cruise Extravaganza Photos (July 2, 2014)


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Kristin is Editor-in-Chief of I’m Lit Media. Previously, Kristin has written for Hamptons.com and Dan’s Paper’s. Her work has also been featured on numerous blog sites including Hampton’s MouthPiece. During her career, Kristin has interviewed some of the most well known people in the entertainment industry such as Robin Givens, Forest Whitaker, Lorraine Bracco and Russell Simmons. In addition to her love for writing and research, Kristin is an avid adventurer and has traveled to 6 continents, over 20 countries and 31 states.

  • Maggie Delany

    Wonderful Article! Thank You Kristin! It was a delight having Im Lit Magazine on our cruise on the Hudson! Cheers!

    • Jay Juliano

      Thank You! Im glad you enjoyed the Editorial.

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