The “Comic Cons” of Times Square


Over the weekend, several costumed people were arrested by police in Times Square. If you have visited the area, you may have noticed several characters such as Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man, just to name a few. On Saturday, Junior Bishop, 25, of Brooklyn who is known as one of the resident Spider-Men, was arrested after a complication with an officer. Bishop apparently took a photo with a young woman and when she offered him a $1 as a tip he refused and stated he only took multiples of 5. An officer standing by overheard Bishop and told the woman it was her right to give whatever she wanted. This is when things got a little sticky for spidy. The superhero lost his cool and yelled at the cop. When asked for ID, he had none and was arrested but not before he broke free and punched the officer in the face. 

Many are now calling for regulations of “Comic Cons” in the area. Mayor Bill de Blasio stated on Monday that he believes the situation in Times Square has "gone too far and that its time for new regulations for a new reality." The Times Square Alliance stated that this serves as reminder that some of the masked characters are actually "violent and aggressive  and have troubling criminal records." Captain America, A Naked Cowboy and Jessie the Cowgirl from Toy Story were also arrested over the weekend. The New York City Council is in talks of working on legislation that would require the Times Square Cast of Characters to be licensed. In June, two other Spider-Men were in the headlines for behaving badly. One was convicted for harassing a woman in Times Square and another for groping a person on the street. Looks like our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is in a web of trouble. 


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