The Return of Boy Bands


Remember those incredibly popular Boy Bands that were all the talk back at the turn of the century?

Well they’re back.  Except, now you can more accurately label them “Man Bands.”


Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, and Hanson are all coming back with new albums this year.  Actually, the 98 Degrees album was already released back in May, but who even knew?  Here is their lead single:





Next up: Hanson.  You remember this Boy Band for their worldwide hit MMMBop.  Well their new album just came out TODAY.  ‘Get The Girl Back’ is their lead single, and it’s not bad if you ask me.



Now the Backstreet Boys, the most popular of all Boy Bands is also coming out with a new album this year, set to be released July 30th.  No songs have officially been released yet, but their lead single ‘In a World Like This’ is to premiere TODAY on the Z100 Radio Station. Back Street’s Back (again).

The return of these groups has me wondering: Have these boy bands matured as their fans have?  Are they trying to retake old fans or get new young fans the same age we were when we listened to them?  And can they compete with the new pop stars out there like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Beyonce, and One Direction?  We’ll find out soon enough!


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  • jocelynm86

    Nice try article – however if you did some research you would find that the last Hanson album came out in 2010 (with MANY albums before that) … 😉 And yes their fanbase has followed them (are we mature..not really lol)

  • jocelynm86

    Also as fans – we don’t really call Hanson a boy band anymore (they are simply brothers in a band) They have their own record label and they do EVERYTHING independently.

    • Jay Juliano

      Awesome.  We will note that.  Thanks for your comments!

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