Kim Kardashian flabby armpits are gross and putting on six pounds a week.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is on a steady decline to hell.

It seems the wet dream that is Kim Kardashian is quickly going up in flames as the media continue to gorge on the carcass of the reality whore who has astounded onlookers with her rapid weight gain since becoming pregnant.

In fact so much weight has our collective hero put on, the diva was spotted trolling about town with what tabloid mag ‘In Touch,’ dared to call flabby armpits, running with the headline ‘I’ll never be sexy again.’

In fact so concerned is Kim Kardashian whether she’ll ever be sexy again she is now contemplating embarking on a liquid diet to shed weight. Something that of course one wonders is necessarily a good thing for a woman expecting a child. Then again vanity sometimes triumph maternity when you are a reality whore with a fabulous image to preserve.

But it just keeps getting worse, so concerned is Kim Kardashian with her recent weight gain and the media picking her apart, she has now even taken to posting images of herself when she was thinner. Which in Kim Kardashian’s case might be an oxymoron as one has to wonder how thin she really ever was.

If only Kim Kardashian could get used to the idea that a reality whore can at the end of the day only show so much reality before fans and the media alike before slinging her in the backroom asking for their ‘you used to be cute,’ money back…


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