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Rapper MC CHRIS takes fan out in concert!

By on July 19, 2012

The geek rapper MC CHRIS dismissed a not so fan anymore Mike Taylor after the fan posted a critical tweet on twitter stating, “Dear nerd rapper opening for powerglove/mc Chris. You’re not good enough to pander me. Better luck next time. Said Erick Brown on

On Tuesday night the rapper asked onstage for Mike Taylor and forcibly removed him from the concert. Once the fan responded to his request, MC Chris exclaimed “Security is going to take you the F**k out now! That’s what you get for talking s**t on Twitter!”

MC Chris remained confident that he did the right thing by kicking Taylor out because he doesn’t need his negativity and disbelief objecting to his fans and follower. Taylor wrote on Daily news that he doesn’t regret sending that tweet. He’s a fan of MC Chris the musician, artist, comedian and voice actor. As for Chris the man, I don’t think I’ll be supporting him any time soon.

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